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Alistair Maccaulay New York Times

"The interplay of the sculptural and rhythmic aspects of Indian dance was compelling...riveting" - Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance 2015

Annie Woller

"The choreography was an impressive blending of the strength inherent in the technical aspects of the form and the exuberant emotions that exist in the stories being told...Her [Sonali Skandan] charisma on stage permeated every piece and drew the eyes of the audience as she shifted her gaze in conjunction with the movement." -Mayura:Blue Peacock, Chen Dance Center 2014

Ryan Wenzel,

"The choreography - full of statuesque balances and sharp lines formed by the arms - was attractively modest and had simple but powerful geometries.." - Erasing Borders Festival of Dance 2012

Alastair Maccaulay, New York Times

"Technical precision and geometric skill..." - Erasing Borders Festival of Dance 2012

Appolinaire Scherr, Financial Times

"It is this devotional aspect of Indian dance that latter-day choreographers tend to emphasise, as did American Bharata Natyam practitioner Sonali Skandan with a section of Swarupa: Infinite Form, a meditative ensemble piece less to do with the gods than with our worship of them." - Erasing Borders Festival of Dance 2012

Marina Harss,

"The ensemble performed three works, of which the most vivid was perhaps Shadjam, a vignette that depicted a group of girls preparing for a visit by Shiva, in his lover-man guise. As they combed each other's hair and praised each other's beauty (in mime), I could see the next group preparing in a tent off-stage, busy with similar tasks. For a moment, art intermingled with life." - Erasing Borders Festival of Dance 2012

Lavina Melwani,

"Sonali Skandan and the Jiva Dance are very much a part of New York, bringing their own sensibilities to the ancient dances of Bharat Natyam." - Erasing Borders Festival of Dance 2012

"Skandan's sharp control and stunning speed culminate in ecstasy….Skandan's choreography here has a follow-through of motion that is somehow natural yet tense with the pull of mystery." - Swarupa Infinite Form, NY International Fringe Festival 2011

Robert Johnson, NJ Star Ledger

"In 'Swarupa: Infinite Form,' the Indian dancer Sonali Skandan rises above the pull-and-tug of history…Skandan and her dancers are never less than correct." - Swarupa Infinite Form, NY International Fringe Festival 2011

Ethan Kanfer, California Literary Review

"Life After Fringe: Two Dance Companies to Watch "Two of this year's most impressive pieces came from companies specializing in narrative dance, and their energy, discipline and passion bodes well for the future. Choreographer Sonali Skandan pays close attention to the details (wherein God resides, according to the old adage). Small, subtle movements are as much a part of the story as the large angular and sinuous shapes created by colorfully clad limbs in motion. Eye gestures, smiles of irony, and wistful tilts of the head make the movements of the cosmos visible on a human scale." - Swarupa Infinite Form, NY International Fringe Fetsival 2011

Ranjani Saigal,

"The entire event was a well choreographed production and showcased the artists in a unique manner…kudos to the artists for creating something new and beautiful without compromising the quality of the art." - Urban Kutcheri, Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center 2007